Real Relax Mini Stair Stepper with Resistance Bands and LCD Monitor, Adjustable Fitness Exercise Equipment



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(as of Feb 03,2021 16:27:46 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Effective exercise can bring a stronger body and better willpower, and release your stress,increase muscles, sculpt body lines

Safe, compact and start a healthy life anytime, anywhere

High load-bearing, no noise, can sit and exercise. Waist arm hip leg

During the period when you cannot go out. Good choice for home, healthier

No need to go to the gym, avoid trouble, good hygiene, no need to share with others, little space requirement, practice anytime and anywhere (living room, bedroom, study, office)

Health: Reduce adults, increase muscles, sculpt body lines, relax the body and reduce stress, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and obtain a better figure and value







Intelligent detection

Calories burned, number of times, time, category, frequency

Data management of your healthy life

High load bearing

300 lb load + powerful hydraulic resistance system

More stable stepping experience

High elastic resistance band

More calories burned + more stepping positions



Carry around a gym mini

Carry around a gym mini

Non-slip foot massage board

Choose whether to wear shoes according to your needs

Anytime, Anywhere

Start exercising when watching TV, listening to music, working, readinganytime, anywhere

Carry around a gym

small and portable

Whether it’s stepping at home, traveling, or vacationing abroad, you don’t need to interrupt your exercise

LCD monitor: Real-time view the quantity , time, calorie consumption and exercise frequency, get efficient exercise
High elastic resistance band: comfortable and diversified whole body exercises, exercise arms, shoulders, waist hips, leg muscles, release pressure, enhance physical fitness and immunity, and lose weight
38-degree non-slip foot massage board: protects the knees, keeps stable during strenuous exercise, and can be used by the elderly and children
High quality and durable: hydraulic cylinder + internal super energy spring 330 pounds high load bearing, low noise, safe materials, stable heavy steel structure can provide years of reliable use
Mini free installation: Open and store the portable home fitness room at any time, saving time, money and energy at the same time. no expensive gym, no strangers, no bacteria, no sweat from others(Please prepare the lubricant in advance)


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