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21 days fix21 days fix

Don’t be discouraged by the seemingly small size of the containers. Looking at the containers you may think, I am going to be starving but honestly once you get the food on your plate you will see that it is indeed a good amount of food. Balanced eating does take some pre-planning and preparation time, so allow yourself some time to transition into the healthy habits.

Make meal prepping and measuring food so much faster than measuring cups, no more trying to measure or weigh your food. You may need two or more set of these containers, unless you want to wash them constantly.

If you have overweight/obese family members and friends, this would be the best gift. As it is not only a gift, it’s a healthy lifestyle.

Being overweight or obese significantly increases the likelihood of developing an otherwise preventable disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical to one’s overall health but weight-loss through dieting is often a challenge. People try fad diet after fad diet and inevitably find that either the diets don’t work or are impossible to maintain long-term.

weight lossweight loss

Doctors and nutritionists alike agree that the path to permanent weight-loss is a change in lifestyle. This includes an increase in exercise and a decrease in overall calorie intake. It comes down to this simple equation:

Exercise + Reasonable Diet = Long-lasting Results

work outwork out

The 21-day weight-loss plan is not just another fad diet. It is a lifestyle plan to help you eat the foods you love in the appropriate proportions so that you can lose weight without feeling deprived.

food container

food container

21 days fix

21 days fix



It’s our seven special portion containers. Each type of food that should be consumed as part of a balanced diet is given its own particular color and premeasured portion container. You don’t have to waste time measuring or weighing portions – just fill each container with the right food and you’ll have an easy, balanced meal right in front of you.

All that will be left to do is combine your diet plan with 30 minutes of exercise a day. It’s so simple!

Don’t forget to calculate your daily calorie target when you receive your containers. Depending on your plan, you will fill different containers for each meal. Don’t worry about the size of the containers – though they may look small, you will soon see that when you eat a balanced diet, the portions provided offer you plenty to eat. You’ll be full, satisfied, and you’ll feel a lot healthier.

The goal of losing weight and feeling healthy can be achieved as long as you insist on choosing a balanced diet and regular exercise. Once you develop these good habits, you will be on the path to becoming and staying fit and healthy.

Package: 2 kits container

2*Purple (1 Cup) for fruit

2*Green (1 Cup) for veggies

2*Red (¾ Cup) for protein

2*Yellow (½ Cup) for carbs

2*Blue (1/3 Cup) for fats

4*Orange (2 tbsp) for seeds

Double kit so it is easier to plan your day without having to keep washing containers.
BPA free, DEHP free, top-rack dishwasher safe and microwave safe.
Food icon on the lids and unique color make they are easily identifiable for food category.
Great for anyone trying to lose weight or manage portion sizes.
Buy more set for use at work and home.


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